Short-films Competition

Espaço Itau de Cinema

Diversity, diversity, diversity. There are twenty-four short films competing, from twenty countries as different as the themes and techniques used to tell their stories. Messaging in a minute or fifteen, with an animation, a documentary, or a fiction film, all as interesting as efficient. Distant and different countries like Turkey, India, Israel or the Congo, Australia, Chile, Tanzania or Georgia, use the universal language of cinema to communicate aspirations for a better and fairer world.

25 years later

2012 I França I Anim I 1min

As if nothing was wrong…

Latin-american Premiere

Mickael Muraz

The White City

La Cittá Bianca
2014 I Itália I Doc I 17min06

The Eternit plant opened in Casale Monferrato, Italy, in 1917. Throughout the plant's production life a massive quantity of asbestos dust was dispersed into the atmosphere through the factory chimneys. The countryside, communities and water supplies around the plant were contaminated with no warning to the people living there.

Lartin-american Premiere

Tommaso Ausili

The Little Girl

2013 I Turquia I Anim I 4min29

The last minutes of a little girl, enriched with Nazım Hikmet's poem, named "Kız Çocuğu", but with a different point of view.

More than 30 festivals and awards all over the world
Latina-american Premiere

Hakan Berber

Aladim and the Magic Bin

2014 I Sérvia I Doc I 6min27

For more than 20 years, every morning, Aladdin cleans his city. With the help of his broom and a magic bin, he cleans the garbage and does not feel tired

Latin-american Premiere

Žikica Jovanović

Back Mulberry

Shavi Tuta
2012 I Geórgia e França I Fic I 22min04

In the mining city of Chiatura (Georgia), two teenagers spend a day together, far away from their respective lives

Latin-american Premiere

Gabriel Razmadze

Animal Park

2013 I Itália e Rep. Democrática do Congo I doc I 9min

Since 1996, DR Congo has been in a permanent state of warfare. On the eastern border of the country lies the oldest park of the African continent, the Virunga National Park. The main priority of the park’s management is the protection of nature and, in order to pursue this goal, rangers burn down villages, kill men, and rape women.

Ecozine, Spain

Donatelo, Italy
DocsTown, México and others
National Premiere

A project of four directors


2013 I Israel I Fic I 1min50

A young girl runs in a forest terrified to her bones. Does she stand a chance outrunning the man with the chainsaw?

Latin-american Premiere

Gal Ziv 

As Balas Saem das Carnes

2013 I Chile I Anim I 2min41

This film is a female voice, a poetic speech, a fable in reverse about environmental protection, human rights and the unpredictable human nature.

National Premiere

Álvaro Muñoz


2012 I Austrália I Anim I 6min

An orphaned kangaroo is raised by a young boy and his mother.

Winner of EH Shephard Award
Latin-american Premiere

Daniel Biggins


2013 I Suiça I Fic I 9min35

Two men meet on a desert train station and discover they have the same passion: safari. Almost the same passion, with a small difference: one likes to take pictures of animals and the other likes to hunt and kill them. A night, a meeting, a fate…

Latin-american Premiere

Michael Rué

Guests at my home

2013 I Ucrânia I Anim I 5min5

A small metaphysical study, around which everything unfolds: there are actors, conflicts, but there is no clear outline of events. Let everyone imagine that.

Latin-american Premiere

Oleg Fedchenko

Gotita Please

Gotita por favor
2013 I México I Anim I 5min03

Ponkina ventures to seek help from the clouds, but they make fun of her and she falls from the sky. She wakes up and realizes that everything was a bad dream and remembers that she had left the water tap a bit open.

National Premiere

Beatriz Herrera Carrillo


2013 I Argentina I Anim I 4min06

Inertia is the force that makes things remain in their idle state. It is the resistance to change. Inertia acts over all things, even people.

National Premiere

Becho Lo Bianco e Mariano Bergara

Waste: Final Destination in Maldives

Thilafushi gon'duhdoh
2013 I Itália I Doc I 15min

In 1991 the Maldivian government launched a project creating an artificial atoll that has become one of the world’s largest trash islands, with the risk of contaminating the pristine beauty of a delicate ecosystem, THILAFUSHI. The film is part of B-side project, a platform with an audiovisual map of the hidden and degraded side of the world’s natural paradises.

Cine’Eco Seia
Latin-american Premiere

Giulio Pedretti

The Terrible El Bubar

2013 I França I Anim I 2min25

An unscrupulous poacher finds all he wants among the natural resources. Without much tact either, El Bubar puts him in his place.

Cortoons, Italia
Film Nature Meetings, França
Latin-american Premiere

Franck Guillou (F (Feuk) & Franck Bonnet (Keuf)

The Barrel

2013 I UK, Venezuela, Rep Dominicana I Doc I 11min

The houses of Congo Mirador are built on stilts on the water. Grown-ups use motorboats for transportation. Children swim, and some of them use barrels. Sometimes, children organize barrel races. Luis David, who has to work as an angler’s helper in order to feed himself and his brothers and sisters, would like to participate, but he does not have a barrel, yet.


Festival de Curtas Manuel Trujillo Durán
National Premiere

Annabel Rodríguez

The old Santiago and the Sea

2012 I França I Anim I 2min40

It has been weeks since the old Santiago has brought any fish home. The rumor at the village is that his time is over…

More than 20 Festival all over the world
National Premiere

Julien Seze

Payada Pa` Satán

2013 I Argentina I Anim I 7min30

In a quiet country area, one day the earth starts to shake. The Gaucho and his wife, scared, think that it is Satan’s course. However, is it really the devil that is causing such evil?

BAFICI, Buenos Aires

National Premiere

Carlos Balseiro

Who is your super hero?

2014 I India I fic I 4min43

A kid (Rohan) promises his mother to complete his homework as she leaves to work. The kid, watching Batman cartoon in television, craving for chocolate decides to go and check the refrigerator. On doing so, he luckily finds a chocolate in the refrigerator but his attention is caught by something else…

Latin-american Premiere

Soham Sen

Get out of the Slum

2014 | Brasil | Doc | 11min10

The film shows the process of housing removals occurred in the city of Rio de Janeiro, prior to the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics.It's Possible to follow the struggle of the merchants and residents of Metro Mangueira Favela, at Maracanã neighborhood and their distress and uncertainty about the future, caused by the way the process of withdrawal of the families of this site was developed.

International Premiere

Eduardo Freire

If I had a Cow

2013 I Espanha I Doc I 20min

A short documentary that, through optimism and humor, animated explanations and the most real of realities, aims to show how simple ideas can move mountains.

Cine’Eco and more than 15 festivals
National Premiere

Norma Nebot

Fix the Wi-Fi

2014 I USA I Fic I 1min

When the Wi-Fi goes down a group of freelancers react appropriately…

Latin-american Premiere

Mark Bethune

Shadow Tree

2013 I República da Tanzânia I Fic I 10min

When a Zanzibari boy finds a fish in muddy water, the challenge of keeping it alive pushes him in an unexpected direction, which turns out to be the ultimate test of his faith in the universe.

Biju Viswanath


2014 I Portugal I Fic I 5min34

There is no limit to imagination, or an age when we are supposed to change. Everything is worth, as long as it makes us happy!

International Premiere

Joana Linhares


2013 I Suíça I Anim I 8min

My grandfather is telling me a story that he invented, and asks me to make a film out of it. Because of pollution, pesticides, and other toxic substances, a bee decides to leave her hive, looking for a more comfortable place for her to live in.

Festival de Locarno

National Premiere

Marcel Barelli