Awards 2011

Short Films

Best Film

The jury considered that the film in an exciting way approaches subjects like urban living, consumer society and shows diferente kinds of  cultural expressions in this context while leaving room for the public to reflect and reach its own conclusions.

Special Award

With humour, few resources and in a simple yet very communicative way, the film brings our attention and sensitizes us to water waste, one of the most crucial issues o four times.  The film raises hope trhat due to the commitment of younger generations our planet will be in better hands.

Both films deal with issues that are relevant anywhere in the world.  They discuss them using a universal language.

Feature Lenght Films

The jury decided to split the best feature length award  between two of the competition films. One works with cinematographic language and its artistic potential in search of  the right form to deal with its subject. The other film uses a more didactical and journalistic approach.  Both reach their objective with effectiveness.

Best Film ex aequo

The film raises a crucial and rarely discussed question – how to communicate to generations, centuries and even millennia  into the future, the very long term dangers of atomic waste.  Through the creative use of  cinematographic means, the film inspires the audience to reflect upon the complexity of the problem and sensitizes the public to the impact beyond our lifetime.

As a result of detailed research, with balance between archival footage and original material, the film raises a fundamental question of our times: the deliberate shortening of product life spans by large corporations and its impact on the environment.  The film encourages the audience to be a conscious consumer in order to deal with the problem.

Special Award

The documentary brings our attention to the relationship between excessive use of electronic means and nature.  To swap the computer for the forest may change everything in a youngster’s life.  The film also challenges our visual perceptions of nature.  

People's Choice Award

With more than 76% of the votes of the audience that saw it. The director Suzan Beraza accepted the Tainá (star in Tupi, one of the languages of native Brazilians) and R$ 3.000,00.

Rio de Janeiro,  November 24, 2011

Slawomir Grunberg
Philipp Hartmann
Manoel de Almeida e Silva