Awards - Feature Length Documentary

Special Mention Award 1:

Deserto Verde
Green Desert
2013 | Argentina | Doc | 83 min |  Ulisses de La Orden

The first Special Mention Award goes to an unpretentious film, like the mothers that pursue justice and, like them, has the immense beauty of rightness and honesty, and believes that organized and informed people can make justice prevail. On an ultra-connected world, we have access to all the information. The majority sees reads and move on. The film put it all together and the people that experience the consequences making it impossible to ignore.

Special Mention Award 2:

2014 | UK | Doc | 90 min  |  Orlando von Einsiedel

The second Special Mention Award goes to Virunga, by Orlando von Einsiedel – the film has all the elements of an action movie: dramatic, moving, beautiful; an international intrigue, a power game, brutal violence. However, it is a true story that can only be told due to the courage of characters that decided to face these forces. When we watch Virunga, we see ourselves as the innocent victims of this conflict – we are the gorillas, we are the Congolese expelled from their land.

Best Film Award:

Bidder 70
2012 | USA | Doc | 73 min  |  George Gage

The film guides us through the history of a character with all the characteristics of a classic Hero: a young man willing to make a huge sacrifice for the common good, to defend the rightness against a powerful enemy. The film reveals how the courage of a man became an example to the right to resist, to civil disobedience, spreading inspiration and hope.

People's Choice Award:

2014 | UK | Doc | 90 min  |  Orlando von Einsiedel

With 79,27% of the votes.

Awards - Short Film

Special Mention Award 1:

Sombra da Àrvore
Shadow Tree
2013 | Tanzania | Fic | 10min  |  Biju Viswanath

First Special Award - The film brings back hope to viewers showing an improbable friendship.

Special Mention Award 2:

Payada Pa` Satán
2013 | Argentina | Anim | 7min30 | Carlos Balseiro

The second Special Award goes to Payada Pa’Satan for its narrative precision and aesthetic care when interpreting a grave environmental issue using popular imaginary.

Best Short Film:

O Barril
The Barrel
2013 | UK, Venezuela, Dominican Rep. | Doc | 11min | Annabel Rodríguez

For its original script and impeccable direction, that presents audiences an endearing character, a midst the contradictions of a Venezuela divided between the Petroleum welt and the poverty of a community living on the river border.