Awards Feature Length Documentary

Best Film Award:

Big Men, the Movie

Rachel Boynton | USA | 2013 | 99 min

Jurors awarded the film because: A real documentary. Intriguing, complete and high quality. Perfect in each and every detail. From the tense meetings of CEOs of the petrol sector to the honest conversations with guerilla men strongly armed.

People`s Choice Award:

The Garden of Hope
Laurence Guenoun | Brazil, France | 2015  | 75 min

With 84,93% of the votes.

Special Mention 1:

The E-Waste Tragedy
Cosima Dannoritzer | France, Spain, UK  |2014 | 86 min

The e-waste road around the world is shown with elegance and firmness by the director. The care in the investigation leaves no doubt about the big incoherence of consumerism in modern society.

Special Mention 2:

The Garden of Hope
Laurence Guenoun | Brazil, France | 2015  | 75 min

It's impossible to be indiferent to the though reality shown in the documentary. Simply beautiful and moving. ​

Prêmios de Curta Metragem

Best Short Film Award:

Ants Apartment
Tofiq Amani | Kurdistan, Iraq|  2014 | 10min38

Because the film starts with a visually upsetting image, but with captivating dialog, and surprises and moves when back the camera up, revealing an unthinkable end.

Special Mention Short Film 1:

Tiago Carvalho and Arthur Frazão | Brazil | 2014 | 16 min

Gerais is a visually beautiful and subtle film, with simple characters with cutting stories, that carry strength and joy while preserving their environment.

Special Mention Short Film 2:

Brazil´s Warriors Women

Paul Redman | UK  | 2014  | 7min32

The film highlights the center whole of women in a movement that - due to their struggle - became very important, a precious asset in the region, capable of giving dignity back to the lives of these women.