Feature Documentary Jury

Carlos Teófilo

Portuguese, a lawyer and professor, is member of the board of Cine’Eco - Environmental Film Festival of Serra da Estrela - throughout it´s nineteen editions. He was the administrative director of the Culture and Recreation Company of the Municipality of Seia and to this day organizes various cultural initiatives in town, as the Seia Jazz & Blues.

Gustavo Ballesté

Mexican, studied graphic design, becoming specialized in traditional animation. He worked in the Contemporary Film Festival of Mexico City (FICCO) from 2004 to 2008; as a producer of the Dance and Electronic Media Festival in 2006 and 2008. Since 2009 he is the Co-Director of Cinema Planeta, which takes place in Cuernavaca. He was honored in 2010 with the National Recognition of Nature Conservation by the Mexican National Commission of Natural Protected Areas.

Christophe Vauthey

Born in the French part of Switzerland, he joined the Swiss foreign affairs in 1994 and since April 2014, he is the Deputy Consul General of Switzerland in Rio de Janeiro. He is a film producer, an awarded short films director and a writer. Among the films he co-produced is the feature Who killed Johnny, directed by Yangzom Brauer, and the documentary Absent by Matthew Mishory. His first novel Carnets Noirs was released in Switzerland and France, in April 2014. He is a proud member of the Swiss Film Academy, since 2012.

Tânia Alves

Awarded brazilian actress, with many works in television and films - Cabaret Mineiro,  Parahyba Mulher Macho,  The Magic Eye of Love, Ópera do Malandro, among others - is also a singer, musician, dancer, and businesswoman. Graduated by IBY a yoga instructor, has been researching themes related to health and quality of life. Founder and manager of the Spa Maria Bonita, headquartered in Ipanema, which offers the public a place to rebalance weight and health.

Sônia Bridi

Journalist and TV reporter from Brazil, graduated by the Federal University of Santa Catarina State, she was correspondent for TV Globo in London, New York, Pequim and Paris. She is involved with environmental issues since Rio-92. Covered several UN climate conventions, including the COP 15 in Copenhagen. In 2012, published the book Climate Diary. Realized the series for Fantástico TV show; Planeta Terra, que Tempo é esse, about climate change, and Terra, Lotação Esgotada, about people and natural resources, which was filmed in eight different countries.

Short Film Jury

Lana Henriques Lo Bianco

Lana has 22 years, is a Communication Graduate specialized in Cinema at PUC-RJ (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro), has been working mainly with editing and image post production of videos and films.

Noale Toja

Brazilian, evelops social projects with audiovisual tools such as TV Maxambomba. Gave a video workshop to young people in Zanzibar, Tanzania and training in Community Media at the Usina do Manso settlement for rural residents in Chapada dos Guimarães – MT. Production Coordinator at TV Pinel since 1996, is also currently Pedagogical Coordinator of Production and an educator at the School of Arts and Technology Oi Kabum! Rio.

Aline Baiana

Brazilian filmmaker, cultural producer and environmental activist. She worked as Communications Manager at ITPA (Instituto Terra de Preservação Ambiental),  where she promoted campaigns, demonstrations and urban interventions in defense of the Brazilian Forest Code. Today is co-cinematographer of the webserie Talk Show do Rafucko and works on films, TV series and film festivals.