Jury Feature Competition

Agostinho Vieira

Journalist, graduated by UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), with a Master degree in Business Management at INSEAD (European Institute of Business Administration, France), and in Environmental Management at Coppe/UFRJ. He was a reporter on politics and local news, and later editor, executive editor, and executive director at O Globo and director of Journalism at Radio CBN. Vieira received the Esso Award in 1994 and an award from the Society of Newspaper Design in 1998. For the last five years, he had a weekly column on Green Economy at O Globo and a blog at Globo online. Presently he is preparing to launch a website on Sustainability and Collaborative Economy.

Edgar Duvivier

Painter, sculptor and musician, Edgar gave up his legal career at age 23 and went to Boston to study music. A graduate of the Berklee College of Music, he started creating music for films, television and plays. In theatre, he made the music of Mauro Rasi`s play, Estrela do Lar, and Naum Alves de Souza`s Cenas de Outuno, awarded with the Mambembe Award. He created the music for the films of José Resnik, Eduardo Coutinho and Miguel Faria Jr, whose Stelinha got him the Kikito award for best soundtrack at the Gramado Festival. His sculptures are displayed in public spaces all over the city. He has taken part in exhibitions in New York and Chicago and has works sold in Europe and Africa.

Myriam Gast-Loup

After a Masters' degree in Cinema at La Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris, Myriam Gast started as a youth instructor and film programmer, teaching film analysis to high schools students’ subscribers of special program in the Île-de-France area and programming experimental films for festivals. She worked for several events such as Paris Film Festival, the Costumes and Cinema Film Festival in Paris, Moulins-sur-Allier or Tunis and for Fife Ile-de-France as a programmer and coordinator, and between 2006 and 2008 for a distribution company KMBO, in charge of Marketing and Sponsoring. Since 2009 she’s the Head of the programming of Fife Ile-de-France, an environmental film event that welcomes yearly 13, 000 spectators, more than 100 films, web documentaries, Q&As and professional meetings.

Jury Short Film Competition

Amanda Costa

Graduated in Video at OIKabum! School of Art and Technology and attending the 2nd period in Audiovisual Production at the University Estacio de Sa. She worked as a Casting Director in the short film Marias and did the screenplay and direction in the short The runaway Poet.

Ana Beatriz Ferreira

Graduated in Event Production at Senac Rio, Video at OIKabum and as a Musician at Scenarium Musical. She is a producer, director and editor. Created and diected the Collecting Project, Lets Be Natural and the short film It Depends. She was a member of the Quarteirão Musical Group, participated on the workshop World Press Photo + Kabum - multimedia reporters. Currently participates on the Antagonistas Project and the Pingado Cineclub.

Francisco Gabriel de Souza

Graduated in video at OIKabum, is attending Cinema, Creation and Considerations at CCE PUC-Rio -. Films made as a writer and assistant director: Plan of the Year (2014). In the film All Days are mine (2015) worked as a Sound man, sound design and audio editor.