Masters of Their Destiny Showcase

Instituto Moreira Salles | Museu do Meio Ambiente | Espaço Itau de Cinema

These six films give us the dimension of what the human being is able to achieve. Independent of age, living place, and background or cultural heritage, the man is always capable of fighting for what he believes is a better world. For himself or for everyone. In The Fairy Tale they fight for their cultural heritage, as well as the fishermen of the Bay of Bengal, in Land of Tigers and Arabian Goddesses, who just want to survive the best way they can. LO and The Source have in common simple man trying to get the best solutions for their countries troubles - and they work to improve the living conditions of their countrymen, even if they no longer are part of their communities. As the three Irish missionaries in Lifers, they are men who have the common good and welfare of all, especially the neediest, as their main goal. And the surfers on Manufacturing Surf just want to continue to practice sports while helping to preserve the sea they love.

The Fairy Tale

La Fabul
2014 | Panamá | Doc | 46min47

Through absurd, farce and interview with members of the Panamanian government, the film builds a solid case on the relationship of the current government of Panama with the Brazilian company Odebrecht, which is building a sea highway that endangers the most important Historic sites of Panama. A silent war waged under the economic growth, urban transformations, and historical memory. The film shows the indifference of Panamanians with the threat to their cultural heritage, and their identification, and even pride, with the symbols of oppression, and the implications of the loss of identity for this small and culturally diverse country.

National Premiere

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  04/09/2014  |  18.00h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles

Guido Bilbao e Enrique Castro Ríos

The Fountain

La Source
2012 | Haiti/USA | Doc | 72min

Narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Crash), in what The Washington Post calls an "artfully shot documentary," La Source tells the uplifting story of Josue Lajeunesse, a Haitian Princeton janitor who returns to his country after the devastating 2010 earthquake to revive his lifelong dream to bring what is most fundamental to his village's survival; clean water.

Silverdocs Film Festival

Docuwest International Documentary FF
Rome International FF
Sebastopol Documentary FF
Newport Beach FF
San Francisco Green FF
Montreal Black FF entre muitos outros
Estreia Latino-americana

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  07/09/2014  |  16.00h  |  Museu do Meio Ambiente
  09/09/2014  |  19.30h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles
10/09/2014  |  17.30h  |  Espaço Itaú de Cinema

Patrick Shen

Manufacturing Stoke

2011 | USA | 80 min

Manufacturing Stoke highlights the surfing community's shift from petroleum-based products to more organic and responsible components. The filmmakers traveled across the coast of California to visit surfing legends and new comers alike.

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  07/09/2014  |  19.30h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles

Land of Tiger and Arabian Goddess

2013 | India | Doc | 58min

The world's largest mangrove delta - the Sunderbans, bordering Bay of Bengal in South Asia is well known for its Royal Bengal Tigers and its unique Eco system. But little is known of the indigenous forest communities, surviving at the edge of this tiger territory for generations. They are compelled to enter into these menacing forests day after day, out of hunger - in search of fish and crabs or honey.

Barcelona Int FF

American Premiere

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  09/09/2014  |  17.30h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles

Moushumi Basu


2014 | France | Doc | 26min

The Cambodia has 15 million inhabitants and more than 10 million live in rural areas. 7 million of these villagers don`t have any access to drinking water and have no other choice than to consume the water of rivers or lakes. Chay Lo grew up in the northeast of the Cambodia, the old territory of the Khmer Rouges. He escaped death several times, lived with the Buddhist monks at Battambang and in Phnom Penh. He studies successfully in France to become an agricultural engineer, but in spite of the request of big international groups, he chose to return in his native country to accompany its recovery. And to bring water to his village.

American Premiere

  04/09/2014  |  19.30h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles
  09/09/2014  |  17.30h  |  Espaço Itaú de Cinema

Rémi Briand


2013 | Ireland | Doc | 52min

An exploration into how certain people can be willing to sacrifice their entire lives completely to the service of others. Filmed in Papua New Guinea, South Sudan and the Amazon Basis this documentary follows three Catholic missionaries, all over 65, and asks whether if God was proven not to exist they would still do the work they do. Their answer reveals an essential truth about the human race.

American Premiere

  04/09/2014  |  19.30h  |  Instituto Moreira Salles
  09/09/2014  |  17.30h  |  Espaço Itaú de Cinema

Ruán Magan