Programme for Schools


The Garden of Hope

Laurence Guenou | Brazil, France  | 2015  | 75 min

See Feature Documentary Competition


Water Law

Andre d'Elia | Brazil  | 2014  | 78 min

See "Water is Life"


Urban Sea

Ricardo Gomes | Brazil  | 2015  | 52 min

See "Panorama"

PROGRAMME 4 - Short Films

Views, Children's view upon The Guanabara Bay

Lucas Almeida | Brazil | 2014 | 6min58

The documentary portrays point of view of three children living in the Rio de Janeiro State about Guanabara Bay. Using environmental, geographic, and social concepts to focus on each family, ponders about the education given at school and the importance of learning at home, since an early age.

Antony Island

Pablo Henriques de Moura | Brazil |2014 | 15min12

In 2009, director Pablo de Moura met Anthony Nunes, a young boy living in an island at Angra dos Reis, Rio. Five years later, they met again and we get to know what changed in Anthony`s life and the island during this time.

The Shower at the end of the Day

Lynn Poliak, Idan Vardi and Assaf Benharroch | Israel | 2014 | 3min05

A man enters his shower at the end of the day. When he opens the water, strange things begin to happen. This shower will change the world, will bring peace and harmony to all, its rain will turn garbage to green, and all colors and music will flood the world with happiness. The song is sung in Hebrew.

A River in Dispute

Marcio Isensee e Sá | Brazil | 2015| 22min03

See Short Film Competition

The Ocean Maker

Christina Martell  | USA | 2014 | 10 min

See Short Film Competition

Go Get it, Tafarinha

George Augusto | Brazil | 2015 | 5 min

See Short Film Competition

Pure Rent

Hasan Kilic  | Turkey |2015 | 3min

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Aldo Plouganou | Argentina | 2014 | 7min40

A tour through a polluted river, passing by the vegetables that grow using its water. And finally to our tables where we eat them and - in a way - we ingest the water of the river. A circle of life improved by our societies.

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