Special Screening: Institut Français de Cinema

The French Institute offers a varied selection of films and Filmambiente will present some of their selection on environment and sustainability.

The Children will blame on us

Nos Enfants nos Accuseront
France 2008, Jean Paul Jaud, 112 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_NossosFilhos_web_3.pngA hundred thousand children die every year in Europe because of environmental diseases. In a small community of France, the mayor decides to transform the school canteen into an organic cafeteria.

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War and Peace in the Garden

Guerre et Paix dans le Patager
France 2006, Jean Yves Collet, 104 min.

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The small orchard of Moulin Neuf is not a common one: for more than twenty years the gardeners do not use there any kind of chemical products.

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The World according to Monsanto

Le Monde selon Monsanto
France 2008, Marie-Monique Robin, 108 min.

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Monsanto is the American multinational world leader of biotechnology and genetic modified products and according to Mrs. Robin the most controversial company of modern industry era.

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North Pole in Distress

Objectif Pôle Nord
França 2010, Documentário, Stéphane Nicolopoulos/Yanick Rose, 52 min.

The Magnetic Pole, to where the compasses from anywhere in the world point, progressively dislocates and every year it is necessary to adapt the maritime charts. In 2005, two scientists, measuring the exact location of the Magnetic Pole, discovered it had move 120km instead of the usual 40km annual. This uncommon acceleration of the dislocation of the Magnetic Pole and the lowering density of the terrestrial magnetism – less than 10% in 100 years – could be a sign of an eminent Pole inversion, phenomenon that last occurred 780.000 years ago?  Are we in the verge of seeing this occurring? What will be the consequences to the Earth and to its inhabitants?

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