Short Film Competition


Argentina 2009, Fiction, Fabian Sarla, 1 min.

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A child's innocent and brilliant idea shows his mother her lack of consideration for the water problem.



Poland 2008, Animation, Agnieszka Skolik, 11 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Angel_web.pngAccording to the author, ANGEL is a personal look at the world that she translates into pictures, put in motion with the help of traditional animation technique. Without resorting to the computer and using only paint and brush she tries to add an individual human dimension to her interpretation of the contemporary world.


Angels of Waste

Les Anges Dechets
Canada 2008, Animation, Pierre Troudeau, 5:30 min.

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An animation film on animals, made without animals, recreates nature using waste. The film is a celebration of life using garbage.


Let Them Grow!

Arrosez les bien!
France 2008, Animation, Christelle Soutif, 7:51 min.

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Gustave lets a farm seeds salesman convince him to buy Gerblo corn, a
veritable weapon against caterpillars. Unfortunately the corn won’t assault
only caterpillars… peculiar events will follow and will force Gustave to
regret his choice, but it will be too late…


Canada 2009, Fiction, Joseph Johnson Cami/Avelen Liberona, 8 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Becoming_web.jpgThis is the story of Idolamantis, an ancient woman that moves like a praying mantis as she blends gracefully through changing landscapes. She senses that man’s uniformity has spread through infinite fields that are swallowing up the last remnants of those old forests once inhabited by birds and butterflies. Idolamantis crosses the last portal that separates these worlds and leaps through a cornfield to lure Man into one final battle.

Winner Best Experimental of Miami Short FF


Carpa Diem

Italy 2006, Fiction, Sergio Cannella, 2 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Carpe_web.jpgWinner of more than fifteen international awards, the film is a very original way to help audience think about energy and the water issue.


Consumers Drain

Brasil 2007, Animation, Felipe Grosso, 4 min.

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A humorous critic to the consumerist and alienated contemporary society.


Second Hand

Canada 2011, Animation, Isaac King, 7:35 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_SecondHand_web.jpgThe term "second hand" refers to the ticking hand on a clock; it also describes re-used items. Would you rather save time? Or save stuff? This film examines the imbalance and waste created by these modern obsessions.



Germany 2007, Documentary, Ernerst Holger, 14 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Faces_web.jpgFACES portraits – in a very poetic way – how the human work evolved to turn man itself into a superfluous piece. The film shows how Work progresses from the very simple service to the most sophisticated machines and how the production depends less and less on man as a worker and more on the consumer.



Gente Grande
Brasil 2010, Animation, Walkir Fernandes, 1:30 min.

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What power do you have with the size you’ve got?


Leonid´s Story

Russia 2011, Animation, Rainer Ludwigs/Tetyana Chernyavska, 19 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Leonid_web.jpgA Soviet family searching for a modest paradise is swept into an immense disaster. This magically animated film combines drawing, photography and documentary video to capture the surreal emotions of the too-real tragedy: Chernobyl 1986. Leonid grew up in the village next to the reactor. The catastrophe broke his life, ruined his health, and threatened his unborn child. Yet his work takes him right into the contaminated zone.

Best Short Melbourne FF 2011 | Best film Green FF Seoul 2011 |
Official Selection Munich FF 2011


Barking Island

Chienne d’histoire
France 2010, Animation, Serge Avédikian, 15 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Barking_web.jpgConstantinople 1910. The streets are overrun with stray dogs. The newly-established government, influenced by a model of Western society, uses European experts to choose a method of eradication before deciding, suddenly, to massively deport the dogs to a deserted island away from the city.

Winner of Golden prize Cannes 2010 best French Short Film


Don’t let it all Unravel

UK 2007, Animation, Sarah Cox, 2 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Unravel_web.jpgAnimals, trees and landscapes but we destroyed them so easily. . .

Best animation Film Hiroshima FF | Special Juri Prize NY Children´s Fest |
Grand Prix International Sardinia FF


Planet Z

France 2011, Animation, Momoko Seto, 9:30 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_PlanetZ_web.jpgUsing animation technics and imagination, the film tells the history of a planet, from birth to death.


The Door

Ireland 2010, Fiction, Juanita Wilson, 15 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Door_web.jpgAfter stealing an old door, a man reflects on the desperate circumstances that led him to do so.

Nominated for the 2010 Oscar for short films



Brasil 2011, Documentary, Marcos Pimentel, 16 min.

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images FilmAmbiente/Images_Films/Film_Taba_web.jpgA documentary about contrasts and contradictions. Every day, people from different groups and backgrounds cross each other’s life and engage in a war for survival in a hostile territory.