Short Film Competition


Michel Kharoubi and Alexandra Pichereau
Fic | 2011 | 03:35min | France

Parisian suburb, a robbery does really not go as planned...


Ji-seon Choi
Anim | 2012 | 03:20 | South Korea

This is the story of Alex, the last penguin.

Krok 2012 | FIFE 2013

Learning to Fish

Teemu Auersalo
Anim | 2012 |03:56min | Ireland

Johnny the urban seagull tries to figure out how to catch a fish in a story that looks at our relationship with food.

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Here is not over yet

هنا لازالت مستمره
Mohamed Elashhab
Doc | 2011 | 09:36min | Egypt

Despite over sixty years since the end of the Second World War, some still suffer the consequences.


Gavin Hoffman
Anim | 2013 | 04:08min | Ireland

A film exploring the consequences of our actions.


Paulo Muppet and Luciana Egutti
Anim | 2012 | 01:38min | Brazil

In the island of cubes, two neighbor dispute to build the higher tower.

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Said Najmi
Doc | 2012 | 15:38min | Jordania

The deserts of Petra, Jordan is the home to Mfadi and his Bedouin family, where he struggles to decide whether to stay in his humble home or move to the city, or civilization.

Best Doc, 18th Franco Arab Film Festival, Jordan | 48th Chicago Int’l FF  | Special Mention Skepto Int’l FF, Italy


Seyed Sajad Moosavi
Fic | 2011 | 03:30min | Iran

A child tries to protect the environment and water.

Best film 5th international digital media - Tehran 2011 | Best film 41th Roshd Int FF, Tehran-2011

Homage Deux

Michele Cadei
Exp | 2013 | 09:00min | Italy

A man with a camcorder shoots his own shadow: wandering in post-industry ruins, in intangible city, in unspoiled forests and meadows.

Johnny in the Flesh

Joaozinho Carne e Osso
Paulo Vespúcio
Fic | 2012 | 15:45min | Brazil

Father gathers his family every night around a campfire to tell stories. One night they receive an unexpected visit and Joazinho has to face his deepest fears.

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Mai: The great Hunter

Mai: El Gran Cazador
Xavier Chavez
Anim | 2012 | 03:00min | Ecuador

Mai is a child living anywhere in the world, where the existence of water is almost a dream; he dedicates his life to search for it.

Menção especial Mar del Plata FF 2012

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Irish Folk Furniture

Tony Donoghue
Anim | 2012 | 08:19min | Ireland

An animated documentary about repair and recycling in rural Ireland.

Short Film Jury Award for Animation, Sundance FF | Audience Award for Experimental Film : Red Rock FF | Best Short Documentary Global Visions Documentary FF, Canada | Creativity Award , REGARD, International Short FF Canada | Jury Special Mention, ANIMAFEST, Athens, Greece | Jury Special Mention, Galway Film Festival, Ireland

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Banana peels Cruize

La croicera delle bucce di banana
Salvo Manzone
Doc | 2012 | 27:00min | Italy/France

Aimée, has been fighting for years for a good waste management in Stromboli, a Sicilian island which presents the same dynamics of the whole Italy. Citizens want the waste separation and the compost, but politics prefer creating the waste problem in order to raise funds, so the history of Aimée and Stromboli becomes emblematic.

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The Sea is not for the Fish

O Mar não esta prá Peixe
Rosani da Cunha Gomes
Doc | 2013 | 13:45min | Brazil

Poetry, pollution and hope fill the history of Benedito and his sons, an ex-fisherman of the Guanabara Bay, now a poet and writer.

The King Gaston

O Rei Gastão
Diogo Viegas
Anim | 2012 | 01:17min | Brazil

In a Kingdom far away, there was such a brilliant king who had decided to build a castle...

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Fishing without Nets

Cutter Hodierne
Doc | 2011 | 17:06min | USA

A story of pirates in Somalia told from the perspective of the pirates.

Sundance Grand Jury Prize for short film 2012

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Salva Vidas
Isaac Donato
Fic | 2012 | 04:26min | Brazil

On a fishing day, a young fisherman navigates alone. This fishing is not forbidden.

Cultural Being: Poet Luiz

Ser Cultural: Luiz Poeta
Ian Moreira Queiroz
Doc | 2012 | 07:51min | Brazil

The Ser Cultural Project focus on people and their initiatives. This film pays tribute to the guru Luiz Poeta that, after a long battle along with Verdejar and other groups, managed to keep preserved the Misericordia mountain range, located within the Alemão complex.

Communicating Vessels

Andres Tenusaar
Anim | 2013 | 03:45min | Estonia

The biosphere is full of dense connections. The addition of something in one place means the disappearance of another thing in another place. If something new is added, changes that no one expected can occur.

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Second Wind

Vtoroe Dyhanie
Sergey Tsyss
Fic | 2012 | 07:00min | Russia

Every day he must make a new flower from a tin and plant it into the dry ground. This is the point of his existence, as there is nothing else left in the world but metallic rustle of the apocalypse flowers.