Water - Shortage, Contamination and Solutions

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Logos/Logo_SIE.pngtl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Logos/Logo_RIEC.png To organize this section, Filmambiente also had the support of the International Secretariat of Water (SIE-ISW-SIA), an international non-governmental organization created in 1990 in the context of the Decade for Water and Sanitation. Based in Montreal, the objective of the ISW is to facilitate the application of the four principles stipulated in the Montreal Charter on Drinking Water and Sanitation which are: Access to water and sanitation is first and foremost a policy issue; all actions in this field must be conceived in support to the populations concerned; access to water must be integrated into an overall development approach, and all water related programs must include the education and training of the populations. We wish to thank SIE-ISW-SIA and its RIEC program – International Water and Films events.

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Water makes Money

France/Germany 2010 | Leslie Franke e Herdolor Lorenz | 52 min | DOC

Water makes MoneyThe film "Water makes money" centres on casting light on the explosive and symbolic development which has been set in motion by the fact that Paris and more than one hundred other French municipalities have decided to retake control over these essential services. The film shows what these cities have learned from being dependent on private monopoly structures, and how they have managed to retake control of the water despite the enormous power of the global players.

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Yakuaya. Water Essence

Ecuador 2011 | Marcelo Castillo | 52 min  | DOC 

Yakuaya 'Yakuaya' means the essence of water in a native language of Ecuador. The documentary follows the journey of a drop of water from a high glacier to the sea. On the way the water touches the lives of a peasant, is enclosed in the rhythm of a water bottling factory, passes through a city, transforms the life of a woman, awakens hope in a desert and welcomes the innocence of two children beside the sea. A stunningly original and beautiful film that turns water into a marvel.

Guadalajara International Film Festival 2012 – Bafici 2012 – The London International Documentary F 2012

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Carbon for Water

USA 2011 | Carmen Eva Lopez and Evan Abramson | 22 min | DOC

Carbon for WaterKenya’s Western Province, most drinking water is contaminated and the wood many use to boil this water is being deforested rapidly. Yet waterborne illness remains a daily—and life-threatening—reality for many families. Carbon For Water introduces audiences to the inspiring people who face these hardships, and explores one company’s innovative solution for improving the health of millions of Kenyans and the environment in which they live.

Best international short film at Planet in Focus, Canada - Best of Festival Documentary, Audience Choice Award, and the Social Entrepreneurship Outstanding Merit Award, at The MIX International Short Film Festival in Richmond

 Screening followed by Q&A with directors Evan Abramson e Carmen Lopez


The Well: Voices from Ethiopia

Italia 2011 | Riccardo Russo e Paolo Barberi  | 56 min | DOC

The WellEach year, when the dry season arrives in Southern Ethiopia, the Borana herders gather with their livestock around their ancient “singing” wells. The film follows their life until the rain comes, showing a unique water management system that permits to manage the little available water as the property and right of everyone

XIII Festival del Cine de Derechos Humanos Derhumalc, Argentina 2011 - 37.EKO FILM, Czech Rep. 2011 - 29° Festival International du Film d'Environnement (FIFE), France 2012 -  Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital, Washington D.C., USA 2012, Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Doha, Qatar, 19 - 22 April 2012 - Millenium International Documentary Festival, Brussels, Belgium, 17 April - 5 May 2012. among others

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People of a Feather

Canada 2011 | Joel Heath | 90 min

People of a FeatherFeaturing groundbreaking footage, from seven winters in the Artic, the film takes you through time into the world of Inuit on the Belcher Island. Connecting present, past and future is a unique relationship with the eider duck, owner of the warmest feather in the world, that for years kept both Inuit and the duck alive during harsh Artic winters. Now sea ice and ocean currents are changing it all, disrupted by massive hydro-electric dams powering major cities in eastern North America.

Melhor filme nos festivais de British Columbia e Vancouver

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tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Layout/Pfeil_2.png  www.peopleofafeather.com

 Screening followed by Q&A with director Joel Heath



Brazil 2012 | Marcio Costa | 14 min | DOC

ManjoadaMade by students and the Cinema and Animation Graduation at the University of Pelotas,  follows the daily life of the fishermen at the Lagoa dos Patos (south of Brasil) that suffer fish scarcity due to climate changes.


A City over Rivers and Streams

Brazil 2010 | Camilo Tavares | 60 min | DOC

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Images Films 2012/Film_Agua_SOBRERIOSCORREGOS_web.jpg Born and grown over rivers and streams, the city of São Paulo is a peculiar example of the transformation on the use of water being both a problem and a solution. The water in São Paulo is a source of energy and profit, but also of waste, pollution, overflow, health problems and traffic jams. Through the statements of specialists and also inhabitants of the city, the film tries to portrait a history of conflicts, of speculation, irregular land occupation and diversion of river’s course.

É tudo Verdade 2010

 Screening followed by Q&A with director Camilo Tavares


Chasing Water

USA 2011 | Peter McBride | 18 min 

tl_files/dynamic_dropdown/images Filmambiente Design 2/Images Films 2012/Film_Agua_ChasingWater_web.jpgPhotojournalist Peter McBride sets out to document the flow of the Colorado River, from source to sea. In his journey, a Colorado native himself – his family used the flow to irrigate their crops – his simple desire to understand where the irrigation water of his youth went after its use and how long it took to reach the ocean, leads him to find out how the thirst of 30 million the river support takes an unhealthy toll.

San Francisco FFF, best environmental film -  5 point FF, most inspiring story – Banff Mountain FF, best short

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